RPS III in Monmouth: Dept. 6 (Internal Applicants Only)

Job Summary

RPS: Program Lead

•    Assist management to facilitate day to day program functions and resident care.
•    Support management in training new staff of essential functions and job duties.
•    Assist management with program documentation, posting staff meeting notes, appointment consultations, and complete daily review of shift documentation.
•    Complete weekly reviews of resident financial logs, immediately reporting needed reconciliation.
•    Complete monthly vehicle reports, schedule routine/needed maintenance, and submit required documentation.
•    Complete monthly Health and Safety reports, order required stock supplies, and submit required documentation.
•    Oversee and submit weekly house menu and program shopping.
•    Assist with completion of medical appointments and coordinating resident medication cycles.
•    Communicate directly to program manager of any findings, progress, discrepancies, or required approval of job functions.

RPS: On Call

•    Complete 36 hours of on call to fulfill weekly supplementary coverage with the Program Manager and RPS 2.
•    Respond to calls within 15 minutes.
•    Contact co-workers or employees from other homes, identified by management staff, to cover co-worker call outs.
•    Cover open shifts if unable to arrange coverage. Coverage must be provided to match the start/end times as indicated by Therap unless otherwise approved by on-call management staff.
•    Communicate with on-call management staff for circumstances requiring further support/intervention, i.e. multiple call-outs for the same shift, a third consecutive call out after already working a double shift.  
•    Document all of the schedule changes made via s-comm and remit to the on-call manager prior to the end of each on-call assignment.

 RPS III Wage:  pay differential of $1.75/hr.

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RPS III in Monmouth: Dept. 6 (Internal Applicants Only)

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